Design corporate logo symbolizes PKNM as lead Melaka State Development and stability PKNM vision to establish a corporate agency of competent and respected abroad. The logo also symbolizes the transparency of state government's intention to bring the country towards excellence and development in an era of globalization and in line with the aspirations of the people of the solid support.

Blue arrow represents the combined efforts and solidarity between all, the people, the state and PKNM in towards goal which is to develop the country and face the challenges of globalization are challenging, and progress towards excellence in all sectors of the economy.

7 red stripes and white stripes symbolize There are 14 states that make up the Federal Government which is one of Malacca and this shows that every effort and progress made is for Malaysians as a whole and especially the people of Malacca. The MEDC which is under the arrow mark indicates that PKNM ready and will endeavor to assist the Government to develop and strengthen the economy of Malacca especially in the field of industry and trade.
The blue color symbolizes the unity of people of different races
Red represents courage and bravery and tenacity
White symbolizes purity, generous nature and beauty