Make State of Melaka the preferred location for investors in Malaysia.


Increase the volume of investments from within and outside the country in manufacturing, services, real estate, tourism, ICT, Biotechnology and other sectors.


Advice and Consultation Services
  • Invest Melaka provides advisory services to investors seeking information on investments in Melaka. Invest Melaka as a consultant on investment opportunities available in Melaka thereby encouraging and promoting investments.

Relationship with State & Federal Government Agencies
  • Invest Melaka has a strong network of relationships with the State Government and the Federal Government. Invest Melaka will assist the investors if they have issues that need to be resolved at the State Government or the Federal Government, thereby facilitating investors.

Post-Investing Activities with Investors and Manufacturers
  • To accelerate the investment process by Malacca manufacturers, Invest Melaka gave approval for the industrial building plans policy in the state of Melaka. The project can be started once the policy approval is obtained and only through the verification process at the Local Authorities OSC level.